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A place for connecting devices with people through smart interfaces.

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We Are absorbed by New Ideas.

We love to research, prototype and deploy new ideas, be it hardware design, systems design, data processing or automation.


The company carries out specialised digital solutions with a well-defined purpose and in close relationship with our partners. We believe in nurturing enduring partnerships with our clients based on trust not only engineering. Finally, we all want to make a world a better place - sustainable, green and socially progressive project are always a priority for us.

Connected Devices & IoT

Software Development

Web Development & Design



We enable our partners to unlock business value from IoT by ensuring a smooth transition to achieve IoT connectivity for legacy as well as new products.


We engage in making custom models that gather information, apply the best analysis methods, and convert it into noteworthy bits of knowledge.


Our web developers create user-driven experiences cloaked in elegant designs. Everything we create is custom and precisely tailored to your specifications.

The most sustainable way is to not make things. The second most sustainable way is to make something very useful, to solve a problem that hasn’t been solved.

Thomas Sigsgaard

The comapny has received European union funding for HiFLYER - a sensory system for ski-jumping analytics.


Connected Devices and IoT

We help define customer’s business objective, design new embedded solutions and define connectivity protocols best suited for the application. We try to develop specific use cases and algorithms to predict maintenance requirement, days to failure, etc.

Software Development

We can develop standalone, or integrated custom-tailored software to match any application requirements and any platform.

Process Automation

Any manual or digital process can be automated or enhanced. We employ methods for automated data collection and processing from either IoT sensors or web scraping data.

Web Development & Design

We offer web application development services for custom tailored applications. We produce a versitile portfolio: from basic web pages to complex web applications enabling real-time data monitoring and custom APIs.


With previous experience in academic research for the topis of Human-Robot Interaction, Biomechanical Motion Processing & Robotics, we appreciate collaboration on research projects.


We can analyze a partner's product line and identify digitalization opportunities and business cases. We help in prioritizing use cases, defining a roadmap, and identify different revenue streams. 

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