PRIOT Connected Interface

What is PCI?

Flexible interface for real-time interaction between different manufacturing systems

PRIOT Connected Interface is a comprehensive digital platform that integrates IoT and operational technology (OT) with enterprise IT systems in manufacturing companies, enabling real-time data interaction for enhanced operational efficiency and scalability.

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Optimized Operational Efficiency and Scalability

Ensures immediate availability of the right data when needed, establishing a single source of truth for all operational and IT data, streamlining data analysis and decision-making processes.


Data-Driven Decision Making and Compliance

Facilitates access to multiple data sources in one place, significantly reducing the time to find and utilize data, thereby optimizing operational responsiveness and ensuring regulatory compliance through improved data traceability.


Operational Visibility and Enhanced Collaboration

Breaks down silos, making data accessible across the business for informed decision-making, and supports data-driven collaboration between different departments, enhancing overall productivity and efficiency.


Digital Transformation and Competitive Advantage

Supports companies in their digital transformation efforts, positioning them ahead in digital capabilities, attracting new talent, and enabling scalability without constraints, thus providing a strategic competitive advantage.

Unlock Advanced Operational Capabilities with PRIOT Connected Interface

Real-Time Data Monitoring

Enables continuous monitoring of operational data from OT systems in real time, providing immediate insights into performance, efficiency, and potential issues. This functionality supports proactive decision-making and operational adjustments, ensuring optimal performance at all times.

Automated Maintenance Alerts

Utilizes predictive analytics to identify maintenance needs before they become critical issues, automatically alerting maintenance teams to schedule necessary interventions. This reduces downtime and extends the lifespan of machinery and equipment.

Customizable Dashboard for Operations Oversight

Offers a customizable dashboard that consolidates data from both OT and IT systems, providing a comprehensive view of operations. This enables quick access to crucial information, enhancing visibility across all levels of the organization and facilitating informed decision-making.

Integration of IoT Devices for Enhanced Data Collection

Supports seamless integration of IoT devices, allowing for the expansion of data collection points throughout the manufacturing process. This enables a more detailed and nuanced understanding of operations, further improving efficiency and productivity through data-driven insights.

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